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Combining BookWidgets with learning strategies - Spaced practice
Apr 18, 2018

My head’s exploding when too much information is trying to take over my brain. And I’m not the only ...

Learning by telling stories - 7 amazing storytelling tools for teachers and students
Apr 11, 2018

What is digital storytelling? Digital storytelling, the use of something digital while telling a ...

How to monitor your students' learning progress: BookWidgets reports
Apr 04, 2018

What’s in a grade? A big question with a simple answer. Nothing. It’s meaningless. Grades don’t ...

The ultimate teacher guide on how to successfully partner up with parents
Mar 28, 2018

The goal of every teacher is to get top performance from each of his/her students. While there are ...

14 Ways to visualize your lessons with Visme
Mar 21, 2018

With today’s information overload, it’s necessary to keep your students engaged and focussed. And ...

25 lesson ideas to use social media in the classroom!
Mar 15, 2018

Social media and the process of learning do blend better than anyone of us could have imagined. Who ...

7 Creative pi day resources for in the classroom
Mar 13, 2018

Happy Pi day! Yes! Today, March 14, we get to wear T-shirts with some crazy Pi quotes on them. And ...

Gamify your Google Classroom with these 10 fun BookWidgets learning games
Mar 07, 2018

First things first: We’re proud to announce that we’re officially listed on the #withClassroom ...

What is dual learning? A taste of the real world
Feb 28, 2018

“Learning by doing is the only way I know how to learn.” - Tony Fadell This quote suggests that ...


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